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CD release with 3 days of Rock and Roll Shenanigans at The Scoot Inn on July Thu. 07/21, Fri. 07/22

It’s Scooch By Scoot Inn!!
The Rock Garage Texas Live Concert Series will be celebrating the CD release with 3 days of Rock and Roll shenanigans  and festivities at The Scoot Inn  on July Thurs. 07/21, Fri. 07/22, and Sat. 07/23. We can call it “Scooch by” for short. It’ll  be just like  southby except it’s only 3 days and only at one place. No hipsters, well, maybe a couple, and probably about the same amount of vomit but there’s plenty of parking , cheap drinks ,  and really good bands that you will want to see.  And  that bartender dude Kumbala will probably even be running around with his shirt off showing off his man-chest.  For the ladies we’ll have a silent tittie contest. You might not win anything or even know that you won, but everyone else will.



Saturday lineup set times subject to change.

Thu. 07/21 ALL Thursday Shows to be inside due to 10 pm curfew , per  bar request .
8:30    (Inside) The Reaction   – Featuring Wade Driver  (Original Hickoids Member)
9:30    (Inside)  Hickoids
10:30  (Inside)  Churchwood
11:30  (Inside) The Dirty Charlie Band with DixieWitch backup
12:30  (Inside)  Pure Luck  (tentative)

Fri. 07/22

10:00  Texas Sapphires
11:00   Pocket FishRmen
12:00  (Inside) Dash Rip Rock  (New Orleans)
1:00    (Inside)  PONG

Sat. 07/23.
Saturday lineup set times subject to change.
7:00 The PopNoir Soundsystem And Margarita Happy Hour    (Featuring JasonAustin)

8:00    Animal   (HighWatt Crucifixers and LIONS  Members)

9:00    Babydick
10:00  Oklahomos  – The return of The Loonz!!!
11:00  Lost Bayou Ramblers (2007 Grammy Nominees – Best Zydeco)
12:00  Amplified Heat
1:00    Super Motards


Let There Be Rock….