Brutal Juice

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Brutal Juice was a self-proclaimed “acid punk” (LSD-influenced hardcore and prog-rock) band from Denton, Texas.

The band formed in 1991. The band initially met in the music school at the University of North Texas. Brutal Juice officially disbanded in February 1997, although they have held reunion concerts each year from 2000 – 2004, which have usually taken place at Fry Street Fair in Denton.

They held a special afternoon St. Patrick’s Day reunion show on March 17, 2007 in Dallas, at the corner of University and Greenville,

Band members

  • Craig Welch – lead vocals, guitar
  • Gordon Gibson – lead vocals, guitar
  • Sam McCall – bass, vocals
  • Ted Wood – guitar, vocals
  • Ben Burt – drums


According to promotional material supplied with the release of mutilation makes identification difficult, “they had the stupid name before the stupid O.J. stuff.”

They released one album on Interscope Records and a few 7″ singles on smaller record labels (including Alternative Tentacles). The band toured extensively throughout the 1990s, opening for bands such as Toadies and Gwar. Brutal Juice also toured withNeurosisEd HallBaboonAlice Donut and The Meatmen.

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