PONG Live at The Continental Club Vinyl LP

PONG Live at The Continental Club Vinyl LP
Limited edition vinyl.























“Smells like table tennis.”

What’s in a name? For a band, a lot. It’s their lettered identity and literal calling card. The name should be catchy, but not too long. Original, but not obscure. It helps if it has a double meaning, or if it gets a chuckle. So when five veteran Austin musicians got together to brand their new cosmic dance-rock combo, they compiled a huge-ass list of potential names, ultimately choosing Pong.

Formed by veterans of beloved Austin underground institutions Ed Hall, the Pocket FishRmen, and ST 37. “The name fits the retro-futuristic kind of mood we’re in,” explains guitarist and vocalist Gary Chester.

Joining Chester are Jason Craig (guitar, vocals), Lyman Hardy (drums), Shane Shelton (keyboards, vocals), and Larry Strub (bass, vocals). Craig and Shelton have spent time in local punk rock bands Pocket FishRmen and Moist Fist, respectively. The remaining three created one of Austin’s most important post-punk bands, the mighty modernist rock trio Ed Hall. Twelve years on, It’s hard to imagine a decent party where the Vocoder-driven boogie of “Interpol” or the lighter-raising rock anthem “Finally” wouldn’t be welcome additions to the mix.

“Melody is missing from society,” opines Chester. “So we have this mission to put melody back in society.” And as any band knows, ladies come along with melodies and grooves.

“You know what’s good about Pong?” Strub asks directly. “It’s that girls like it. When the women are dancing, the world is right. The world moves on women’s hips.”.  – Austin Chronicle


  • Contains CD
  • 50 limited autographed copies
  • This is the third release from The Rock Garage Texas Live Concert Series

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