Pocket FishRmen – Live At The Fish Fry

Pocket FishRmen – Live At The Fish Fry

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Founded in 1986, the Pocket FishRmen (spelling undoubtedly altered to avoid the wrath of Ron Popeil) emerged from the nascent North Loop art-punk scene at Dong Huong Vietnamese restaurant to become Austin’s most reliable rectors of rock ribaldry. Vocalist/guitarist Brant Bingamon, guitarist Cris Burns, bassist Ron Williams, and drummer Marcus Trejo released the anthemic 7-inch “Amy Carter” in 1988. Subsequent singles included 1989’s “The Leader is Burning” (Noiseville) and 1990’s “Sodom and Gomorrah”. Trejo left the FishRmen in 1991 and was replaced by frequently nude drummer Snoopy Melvin. By 1992, the quartet was a liberally oiled vessel of high-minded vulgarity, performing revolutionary torpedoes such as “Go Out Smoking” and “We Kill Evil” at the newly opened Emo’s and its downmarket Red River cousin, the Cavity. By the time their debut LP, Future Gods of Rockarrived in 1993, Williams had been replaced by Jason Craig. Ex-Offenders drummer Pat Doyle replaced Melvin shortly thereafter. The band self-released Heroes of Modern Perversion in 1997 and Simian Dreams (Enhanced) in 1998, the latter of which featured scintillating sing-along missive “One Blowjob, One Handjob, One Vagina Job.” After 14 years of making Austin snicker, the Pocket FishRmen played their “farewell” show on May 13, 2000 at Red Eyed Fly, but the quartet continues to play one-off reunion shows when the mood is right.         – Greg Beets. Austin Chronicle


On occasion a lucky collector  may stumble on an old show flyer bearing the name Pocket FishRmen  next to the Butthole Surfers and Ed Hall , often frequently clumsily constructed at the office or university copy machine.  25 years later as  icons of the Austin music scene, The Pocket FishRmen  continue  to tittilate new and old fans alike with their sing along anthems.


This Record was recorded Live at The Scoot Inn in Austin Texas  May 27, 2010.  Look for this release in local Austin Record Stores around the second week of June and will be released internationally on CD Baby  and iTunes July 14 , 2011.


Track Listing:

  1. Intro
  2. Sex Billy
  3. Big Ass On Fire
  4. Intellectuals Rocking For Woman
  5. Flaccid Is The Night
  6. Dead Dog
  7. One Blowjob
  8. Missy Le Hand
  9. Yin For Your Yang
  10. The Leader Is Burning
  11. Go Saddam Hussein
  12. Up in the Treehouse
  13. Amy Carter
  14. Go Out Smoking
  15. We Kill Evil

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