Dirty Charley

Dirty Charlie

Dirty Charley
Raised in the Piney Woods of East Texas then brought up sinnin’ in Midland, Texas. Now making his home in Austin this foul mouthed, obnoxious sumbitch is carryin’ on the traditions of his outlaw heroes, drinkin’ too much and pissin’ folks off. With a bottle in one hand and an outta tune guitar in the other he is bringin’ Satan to the people. Devastating tens of people with his drunk off key warble and his “I’m playin’ these notes way too fast to git ’em right” guitar pickin’ he posseses a unique ability to completely empty a room. “He’s like a trainwreck,” commented one observer “It only lasts a few minutes and then you realize it wasn’t as cool as you thought it would be.” So when the wind blows that Texas dirt across the night sky rest assured that the man himself is holed up in his shack swilling Miller High Life and watching porn, writing songs, and preparing to shamble across a stage somewhere in town to witness to the drunks, barflies, and anyone else who would hear his testimonials. Brothers and sisters, the time is now. Testify Motherfuckers!!! The One. The Only. Dirty Motherfuckin’ Charley.”Ya, we left because I think the only thing Dirty Charlie was good at was talking shit…”-Joey from myspace after a Dirty Charley Band show

“yeah, we wondered why you were asked to be on it too. won’t bother you again though.”-comment from Windfarm records about Dirty Charley’s contribution to the Windfarm compilation CD

“Dirty Charley is a great musician from Lubbock Texas and you can hear him praise Satan, get drunk and make threats against Jimmy Dale Gilmore! Hail Satan!”-Smooth and Demented show on KAOS radio in Austin, Texas


Dirty Charley-guitar and hollerin’ and general all round hell-raisin’
CC-bass playin’
JT-fancy pickin’ and guitar slangin’
Trinidad-drum beatin’


Satan, Miller High Life

Sounds Like:

a dying coyote’s howls.

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