Austin Chronicle Reviews The Rock Garage Texas Live Concert Series


Texas Platters

Squawk Box


The Rock Garage Texas Live Concert Series Volume 1

“Hi y’all, we’re the Smiths,” opens Honky hesher J.D. Pinkus. “We’re gonna play a bunch of new songs about not eating meat.” Yuks lace themselves through 15 mostly local field recordings, including Nashville Pussy channeling Sam Kinison and the Ugly Beats’ touch of Jello Biafra. A smidge of Dicks in Churchwood, Pure Luck’s metalbilly (“Your Face or Mine”), and Satantonio splatter from the Hickoids into the Texas Sapphires’ fiddling hayride (“The New World”). Raw. ***.5


Pocket Fishrmen

Live at the Fish Fry

Taxidermy from the Scoot Inn last May, this second installment of the lead-balloon-named Rock Garage Texas Live Concert Series rages a grease fire of raucous, mosh-tossed, old-school Austin punk, irreverent as Bill Hicks and twice as consumptive. Gunning “Flaccid Is the Night,” complete with dueling guitar and bass breakdowns, and the Gary Floydisms of “One Blowjob” peak in a spastic go-go (“Go Saddam Hussein”), Howitzer recoil (“Amy Carter”), and crack (“Go Out Smoking”). ***



Rock Garage Texas Live Concert Series

Recommended Thur., July 21, 8pm

The Scoot Inn, 1308 E. Fourth, 512/478-6200

Photographer/cameraman Michael Crawford did his main tour of local punk rock duty in the 1990s, which is why his three-day Scoot Inn lockdown features Sincola shrieker Rebecca Cannon in country darlings the Texas Sapphires, Fuckemos’ throat Russell Porter aboard his Babydick, and NOLA ringers Dash Rip Rock. Crawford’s debut releases, a Pocket FishRmen live set and a contemporary comp featuring all those mentioned minus Babydick but including Pong, the Hickoids, Amplified Heat, and many more, proves Matador and Super Secret Records aren’t the only A&R documenting Red River. $5.

THURSDAY: The Reaction (8:30), the Hickoids (9:30), Churchwood (10:30), the Dirty Charlie Band with DixieWitch (11:30pm), Pure Luck (12:30am) – Raoul Hernandez

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